Work out more than just your body at Smithfield’s newest hub for health and wellness

By Brittni Henderson

Creating space for self-love and community is what a new Yoga and Barre studio has in store for its clients. The Barre and Yoga Experience, which will be celebrating its grand opening on March 17th and 18th, will be an all-encompassing wellness center, providing its clients a safe place to participate in unique Barre and Yoga classes by caring and educated instructors.

Founder and owner Angela Vieira is excited to bring this type of studio to the Smithfield area because others like it are few and far between. For a while, Vieira would travel to Providence from Smithfield, or further, for her own practice. After practicing Barre for about three years, Vieira embarked upon a training to get certified to teach classes. She fell in love with the feeling of reaching students and helping them grow as practioners.

As her 30th birthday approached, she dabbled with the idea of opening a studio somewhere in Rhode Island, but she always gave herself an excuse against it. One day it just hit her—why wait when the opportunity to share her passion was so exhilarating?

After a little searching, the perfect location for TB+YE appeared. Vieira visited the studio’s new home at 259 Putnam Pike on her 30th birthday and fell in love. She knew that this would be the right place to watch her dream unfurl.

TB+YE believes that fitness is more than just a physical activity; it’s about creating a community and finding self-love. Classes are set to upbeat music and low lights to help you flow, sweat, push yourself further than you ever have.

“TB+YE was created to form a community of togetherness,” Vieira says, “free of judgement, self-doubt, and the stress and anxieties that life throws at us everyday. We’re living in this new ‘digital world’ full of social media telling us how we should look, how we should act, how we should feel. We’re not only constantly judging each other but also judging ourselves. TB+YE is here to help mend that with encouragement, inspiration, self-love and friendship. To create an experience where those can experience self-actualization, release and reconnect.”

The studio will also offer other amenities to its clients, including a wide range of retail in the front of the store, including Corcickle, StickyBe Barre Socks, Hallow + Plank, Beyond Yoga, Golden Ratio Protein Powder. It will also have Luluna Kombucha on draft for clients to grab on the way out after class.

Every class will be free during the Grand Opening celebrations on March 17th and 18th. After that, clients will have the opportunity to choose a package or membership that works best with their lifestyle and budget. There will be 75 VIP monthly unlimited (contract required) memberships offered during TB+YE’s inaugural weekend at a discounted rate. Visit to check out which works best for you.

“This studio truly is for everyone,” Vieira says. “When you enter our space, you’ll never hear our instructors talking about ‘losing weight’ or ‘getting fit.’ Of course this is a side effect of the experience but it’s more about how you feel, mentally and physically, each time you step through our doors. What’s most important to me is that at the end of the day you can stare into the mirror and LOVE the person staring back at you. You will be able to love who you are as a person, love your strength and perseverance, and love your body no matter what.”