Life Hacks

That’s using your noodle!

By Jane Fusco

Summer is here and pool noodles are everywhere. Even though there is still plenty of summer left, let’s think ahead to some uses for those pool noodles once the summer has ended. Pool noodles are one of the most versatile items to use around the home. Rain or shine, indoors or out, summer or winter, they can be used for backyard activities, party games or DIY crafts. They’re quite inexpensive and can even be found at the Dollar Store.

Here are just some of the many clever ways to use pool noodles.

Car Door Protector

Tack up a pool noodle to your garage wall where you park and open the driver’s and passenger doors to avoid scratches and door dings.


Cut a pool noodle in half and you have an instant raceway for miniature cars or marbles that’s perfect to use indoors or especially outdoors.

Maintain Boot Shape

Stuff boots with pool noodles to help maintain their shape when they are not being worn. Cut the pool noodles to the height of each boot and place them inside.

Pipe Insulation

Cut a slit in the noodle from top to bottom and wrap them around pipes during the winter to keep them from freezing.

Door Draft Stopper

Make a two-sided draft stopper to keep warm air in and cold air out with a pool noodle and pillow case. Cut a pool noodle in half short-ways, and place both pieces in a pillow case on each side of the door. Use a safety pin to secure the fabric and keep the noodles from sliding too far away from the door.

Protect Children at the Supermarket

Cut a 12-inch piece of the pool noodle off and slice it from top to bottom to wrap around shopping cart handles so children – and adults – don’t have to touch the germy handle. Also keeps children from bumping the handle.

Sporting Goods Protector

Use pool noodles to cushion sporting equipment when traveling. Slice pool noodles in the lengths needed to make a buffer to slip over the edges of a surfboard, snow skis, sled, and water skis.

Keep Kids From Rolling Out of Bed

Place a pool noodle at the edge of the mattress, beneath the sheet and mattress cover, to keep a child from rolling out of the bed. This is especially helpful when the child is transitioning from a crib to a bed.

Wreath Form

Cut a pool noodle to the size you’d like, put the two ends together, and wrap masking or washi tape at the point where they join together in a perfect circle. Cut strips of fabric and glue them on or wrap fabric around the form. Decorate with ribbons, beads, flowers or anything odds and ends you’d like to use to decorate your wreath.

Prevent Creases on Clothing

Wrap your clothes hangers with pool noodles cut to fit the size of the hanger so clothes won’t wrinkle or get hanger dents.

Protect Value Items During a Move

Cut pool noodles to size and slit them lengthwise to wrap flat-screen TVs and computer monitors for extra protection during a move.