The Illusion of a Magician’s Life

By Glenn Laxton

John Duke Logan wanted to be a super hero, hence the name Duke. His mom bought him a magic set when he was a small hero-wannabe and it allowed him to use his imagination, stoking a life that would soon turn magical.

When John was 12 years old, like most kids his age, he found himself bored in the company of adults.

At his aunt’s birthday party, that boredom would lead to a life filled with magic, illusions and tricks.

“I consider myself more of an entertainer than a magician,” John explains.

“Magic is anything that seems impossible but can become possible. At my aunt’s party I went into another room, took a coffee mug and a coin and made it look like I pushed the coin through the mug. I put it on U-Tube and a talent agent saw it, and asked me if I wanted to work for him. He didn’t know I was only 12. He was like, Wow! What other ideas do you have?”

He auditioned for America’s Got Talent and spent several weeks working toward the $1 million prize given to winners. He didn’t make it but a Johnston man, Matt Franco, did win and John has worked as his opening act.

John is a senior at Bryant University majoring in marketing and communications with an eye to creating TV spots. He is well known on campus but a pet peeve of his is being called the campus magician.

“ I want to be known by my name and for other activities on campus. Just as a good person.”

Magic shows today don’t feature black hats and rabbits.

“Magicians are constantly thinking of new ideas,” he says, adding he doesn’t see himself stopping magic anytime soon.

“I’ll always have that spark in me. I love creating things.”

The four years at Bryant University have been the best years of John’s life. In his eyes, magic isn’t just an art; it’s a tool that can change lives.

John wrote a book, called “The Perfect Illusion: Life”. In it, he shows how certain tricks are done. He writes that as a magician he is an honest liar, who can prove you shouldn’t believe everything you perceive.

“We have a program at Bryant called The Idea Program, all about “experiential” learning, a hands-on learning technique.”

John has used experiential learning to create a documentary as part of his Honors Program. During his junior year the school paid for him to go to Los Angeles to interview people in his field about how magic can change your every day life.

During his stage shows, John still performs magic tricks especially with cards.

“The best part about the art of magic is that if you know how to perform magic well, the world around you will never be boring.”